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January 27, 2015

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A&E Dairy Des Moines
Teamsters Local 120
APWU Hockey Night
Iowa Postal Workers Union
Super Bowl Vendors
AFSCME Local 1360 Akron City Employees
Local 602 Veterans Chair Election
Lansing Labor News
How Unions Can Help Republicans. Really.
Teamsters local 570
Jail Authority Discusses Future of State Board of Corrections
National Correctional Employees Union
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Weather Report
2006 LODD
Updated On: Mar 23, 2008









Corpus Christi, TX

Fire Fighter Paramedic

Richard O. Longoria




Richmond, VA

Fire Fighter

Jerry Wayne Hall

Heart Attack



Salisbury, MD

Fire Fighter - Paramedic

Michael J. McMullen




Mirimar, FL


James O. Dillion

Vehicle Accident



Ann Arbor,MI Fire Fighter Amy L. Schnearle-Pennywitt Head Injuries from Vehicle Accident


Winnipeg, MB Captain William Martin Kideny Cancer
1/21/06 L3556 El Dorado Co., CA Captain Matthew Keck Cancer
1/28/06 L22 Philadelphia, PA Fire Fighter Tracy Champion Unknown - Pending Investigation
1/30/06 L2598 Prince William Co., VA Fire Fighter-Technician John E. Thomas Cancer
2/30/06 L3888 Toronto, ON Acting Captain Jeffrey Laishes Non-hodgkins Lymphoma
2/10/06 L1586 Greenburgh, NY Fire Fighter William Malone Heart Complications
2/21/06 L282 Buffalo, NY Fire Fighter Donald J. Herbert Roof Collapse
2/23/06 L112 Los Angeles, CA Fire Boat Pilot Paul D. Zuliani Cancer
2/25/06 L2212 West Springfield, MA Lieutenant Robert S. Norman Cancer
3/11/06 L820 Chattanooga, TN Lieutenant Jeffrey Bowman Heart Attack
3/13/06 L788 Camden, NJ Fire Fighter George M. Jackson Burns-Traumatic Injury
3/13/06 L2881 CDF Fire Fighters, CA Captain Patrick G. Henry Heart Attack
3/14/06 L4 Des Moines, IA Fire Fighter Michael Ralph Vivone Lung Cancer
3/15/06 L1446 Auburn, NY Captain William D. Petrosino Cancer
3/21/06 L2109 Ocean Shores, WA Captain Robert E. McLaughlin Drowning
3/22/06 L1311 Baltimore CO., MD Lieutenant Franklin J. Cook Cancer
3/24/06 L2041 Chickaska, OK Fire Fighter-Parmedic-Driver John D. Horton Burns
4/9/06 L3736 Oceanside, CA Captain Kurt E. Krebbs Heart Attack
4/11/06 L30 Cambridge, MA Fire Fighter William J. Cochran, Sr. Cancer
4/20/06 L1717 Bourne, MA Deputy Chief Robert J. Berry Leukemia
4/25/06 L134 Atlanta, GA Fire Apparatus Operator Russell B. Schwantes Pending
4/26/06 L162 Ottawa, ON Fire Fighter Patrick G. Thibodeau Brain Cancer
4/30/06 L2945 Fulton, MO Fire Fighter Alan D. Leake Heart Attack
5/1/06 L1230 Martinez, CA Fire Fighter James J. Capra Bloodborne Pathogen
5/7/06 F282 Puget Sound Federal FF, WA Captain Kevin s. Burgoyne Non-hodgkins Lymphoma
5/8/06 L343 Saratoga Springs, NY Fire Fighter Michael A. Beach Cancer
5/14/06 L193 Thunder Bay, ON Fire Fighter Joe Adamkowski Colon Cancer
5/15/06 L3036 Washington Township, OH Lieutenant Jeffery L. Collier Cancer
5/21/06 L858 Denver, CO Lientenant Richard P. Montoya Heart Attack
6/1/06 L726 Puyallup, WA Battalion Chief David Michael Potter Non-hodgkins Lymphoma
6/2/06 L1111 Westfield, MA Fire Fighter Francis S. Szenda Cancer
6/27/06 L3362 Clay Co., FL Captain Steven T. Whitfield Heart Attack
7/8/06 L1403 Metropolitan Dade Co., FL Lieutenant Grant S. Porter Heart Attack
7/10/06 L2864 Abbotsford, BC Captain Dean Larivee Cancer
7/17/06 L112 Los Angeles, CA Fire Fighter Juan Ojeda Stroke
7/22/06 L1171 Santa Clara, CA Fire Fighter David A. Euerle Cancer
7/27/06 L995 Richmond, VA Lieutenant Bernard E. Emerson, Jr. Cancer
8/1/06 L142 London, ON Fire Fighter Jack R. Kellum Brain Cancer
8/4/06 L112 Los Angeles, CA Apparatus Operator Bret H. Harris Metastatic Melonoma
8/8/06 L1908 Clark Co., NV Fire Fighter Richard Washington Heart Attack
8/9/06 L3254 Seminole Co., FL Lieutenant Richard E. Criswell Hepatitis C
8/11/06 L1961 Carbondale, IL Fire Fighter Dana MacCrimmon Brain Aneurysm
8/13/06 L141 Green Bay, WI Lieutenant Arnie W. Wolff Burns
8/19/06 L209 Edmonton, AB Fire Fighter Clarke D. Stevens Cancer
8/27/06 L94 New York, NY Fire Fighter Michael Reilly Structural Collapse
8/28/06 L854 New York, NY Lieutenant Howard Carpluk Structural Collapse
8/31/06 L255 Calgary, AB Captain Bruce Dancy Lung Cancer-Brain Tumor
9/4/06 L1908 Clark County, NV Fire Fighter Robert Corse Heart Attack
 9/4/06  L73  St. Louis, MO  EMT  Christopher G. Walsh  KIA-Iraq
 9/6/06  L2881  Sacremento, CA  Battalion Chief  Robert Paul Stone  Plane Crash
 9/9/06  L3950  North Hudson, NJ  Fire Fighter  Vincent Neglia  Fire Fighter
 9/12/06  L3853  Gila River, AZ  Battalion Chief  Corey E. Lawton  Cancer
 9/12/06  L112 Los Angeles, CA  Captain  Lane E. Kemper  Cancer
 9/27/06  L2380  Highland Heights, OH  Captain  Edward Jenik  Heart Attack
 9/30/06  LF33  San Diego, CA  Engineer  Jerry P. Hemphill  Heart Disease
 10/3/06  L867  Winnipeg, MB  District Chief  Morris J. Lawrence  Cancer
 10/3/06  L867  Winnipeg, MB  Captain  Anthony Myskew  Cancer
 10/10/06  L734  Baltimore, MD  Fire Fighter  Allan M. Roberts  Injuries - Burns
 10/17/06  L1957  Richmond Hill, ON  Fire Fighter  William R. Monroe  Cancer
 10/26/06  L785  Lewiston, ME  Fire Fighter  Gerard N. Lamiette, Jr.  Heart Attack
 11/2/06  L226  Marinette, WI  Fire Fighter  Timothy Jon Walk  Pancreatic Cancer
 11/3/06  L1073  Middletown, CT  Captain  Joseph S. Pagano, Jr.  Heart Attack
11/12/06 L1667 Port Alberni, BC Fire Fighter Robert Beaudoin Cancer
11/27/06 L1716 Santa Cruz, CA Captain Russell O. Long Brain Cancer
11/29/06 L134 Atlanta, GA Fire Fighter Steven Solomon Burns
11/30/06 L76 Somerville, MA Lieutenant Kevin John Hough Lung Cancer
12/1/06 L660 Charlotte, NC Fire Fighter Kent Furman Long Collapsed
 12/23/06  L1171  Santa Clara, CA  Fire Fighter  Lance J. Michaelis  Cancer
12/28/06 L798 San Francisco, CA Fire Fighter Alison K. Greene Breast Cancer
 12/30/06  L965  Denison, TX  Fire Fighter  Phillip Wayne Townsend  Building Collapse
 12/30/06  L1230  Contra Costa County, CA  Captain  Donald Kent Leverton  Cardiac Arrest

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